You’ve come to the right place to find help for IB Physics. I am here and ready to give you the IB Physics help you need.

Expert private tuition in the International Baccalaurate & MYP in Thessaloniki. Ιf you still do not live in Thessaloniki, do not panic, online lessons are provided via skype.

  • Full review for each topic.
  • Self-marking revision e-quizzes.
  • Past papers from IB exams.
  • Efficiently revision for your class tests and final IB exams all while spending less time and effort studying
  • For each question includes the mark-schemes from past exams, ensuring you know how to answer anything the examiners throw your way!
  • IB style practice questions that are organized according to topics, so you can quickly prepare for the tests and exams.

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Fotakidis Christos Physicist
Thessaloniki, Greece

Mobile +30 698 3907968

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