10 Fun and Easy Physics Experiments to Try at Home

Are you interested in physics and want to learn more about the subject? Do you want to try some fun and easy physics experiments at home? Look no further! Here are 10 experiments that you can try at home with simple materials.

  1. Balloon Rocket Experiment Materials: Balloons, string, straws Instructions: Inflate a balloon and attach a straw to it with tape. Tie a long string to two fixed points, such as the backs of two chairs. Thread the string through the straw and release the balloon. Watch as the balloon rocket moves along the string.
  2. Pendulum Wave Experiment Materials: String, weights Instructions: Tie weights of different sizes to a long string and hang the string from a fixed point. Pull one of the weights back and release it to watch the pendulum wave form.
  3. Cartesian Diver Experiment Materials: Plastic bottle, eyedropper, water Instructions: Fill a plastic bottle with water and place an eyedropper inside. Squeeze the bottle to change the pressure and watch the eyedropper sink or float.
  4. Refraction Experiment Materials: Glass of water, pencil Instructions: Place a glass of water on a table and put a pencil into the water at an angle. Watch as the pencil appears to bend due to the refraction of light.
  5. DIY Electroscope Experiment Materials: Aluminum foil, glass jar, wire, cardboard Instructions: Cut a small strip of aluminum foil and attach it to the end of a wire. Place the wire and foil inside a glass jar and attach it to a cardboard base. Touch the other end of the wire to a charged object and watch the foil move.
  6. Sound Waves Experiment Materials: Metal bowl, water, mallet Instructions: Fill a metal bowl with water and strike it with a mallet. Observe the ripples that form on the surface of the water as a result of the sound waves.
  7. Egg Drop Experiment Materials: Raw egg, plastic bag, straws, tape Instructions: Create a protective container for a raw egg using a plastic bag, straws, and tape. Drop the egg from a height and observe whether it survives the fall.
  8. Static Electricity Experiment Materials: Balloons, wool or fur Instructions: Inflate a balloon and rub it against wool or fur. Hold the balloon near small pieces of paper or other lightweight objects and observe how they are attracted to the balloon.
  9. Newton’s Cradle Experiment Materials: Balls, string, cardboard Instructions: Hang five or more balls from a string and attach the string to a piece of cardboard. Pull one of the balls back and release it to watch the chain reaction that occurs.
  10. Density Tower Experiment Materials: Different liquids, clear container Instructions: Pour different liquids of varying densities into a clear container and observe how they stack on top of one another.

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